About City’s Finest

City’s Finest is an initiative of the Dutch Expat Foundation (DEF), a non-profit organization founded in 2007 on behalf of the international community in the Netherlands.

In 2013 DEF introduced City’s Finest (CF), a project dedicated to building bridges between the international- and the local community of a city.

The Finest Ambition

We all know that it’s the smaller, unique places and businesses, a city’s hidden treasures, which give it that unique and truly local character. Yet, it is these very places which aren’t always easy to find for newly arrived internationals. Treasures must, after all, be searched for.

Internationals do not always have the time for such a ‘treasure hunt’ however, this is why City’s Finest will be their map, marking neighbourhoods throughout the city. Based on the recommendations of more seasoned internationals and locals new arrivals will now be able to find them easily, and quickly.

Our objectives are multiple:

  • to help internationals quickly find local treasures;
  • to support and promote local small businesses;
  • to highlight the different neighbourhoods of the city and finally,
  • to raise funds for events / initiatives and bring together the international and local community.

Our goal is therefore to: on the one hand help new internationals settle in quickly, and simply have a wonderful experience; and, on the other, support smaller local businesses by promoting them amongst to a clientele they may otherwise not reach.

The Finest Addresses

The shops, services, places which are (and will be) listed on CitysFinest.org have been recommended by internationals for their products, customer service, added value and uniqueness.

In their eyes it’s these places that give the city its true character and make it such a wonderful place to live in. Each one of the local businesses listed in the on CitysFinest.org is here because other internationals have put them forward for you.

Are you an international, do you know of such a shop or service?
Feel free to make your own recommendations here.

The Finest Friends

Many local and international community organisations have been involved directly or indirectly in this project, and will continue to be involved.

The Finest Team

The “City’s Finest” initiative comes from the work and inspiration of many who are involved in the international community, and who happily call their city, and its surroundings, home. Click here to meet the members.

The Finest Contact

If you have questions, remarks, recommendations, reviews, click here